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5 Tech Resolutions

5 Tech Resolutions

Here Are Five Technology-related Resolutions That Could Be Considered By Almost Anyone Who Owns A Smarthphone, Tablet, Or Computer As We Kick-off 2021.

Get Organized; Aka Get My Digital Life In Order. Focus First On Decluttering Your Inbox By Unsubscribing To Spam Messages Or Marketing Emails From Companies You Have Done Business With Once. On A Related Note, Get A Handle On Your Subscriptions, Spend A Bit Of Time Reviewing Your Banking/paypal Statements To Make Sure You Aren’t Paying For Services You Don’t Use But Are Paying For Just Because You Forgot You Set Up A Subscription. And, Take A Look At A Password Manager Application To Get Your Password House In Order. Can You Feel The Zen Taking Hold Already?

Pledge To Be Safer Online. If We Learned Anything From 2020, It Is That Worse Case Scenarios Can Become A Reality. Be More Sensitive About Where And How You Are Sharing Your Personal Information In 2021. Who Knows, It Might Even Be The Year To Explore Setting Up Your Own Vpn For Your Home And Office Use. Consider Making Sure You Have Two-factor Authentication Set Up For Critical Accounts. Also, Be Wary Of Public Wifi Networks And How You Operate When Using One. And Again, Consider A Password Manager Application Or Updating Your Passwords Overall With A Tougher To Crack Password Than The Name Of Your Kids And Favorite Pets.

Spend Less Time With Screens. Yes, This Year, It Was Easy To Spend More Time Than Usual With Our Personal Technology Devices. As We Head Into 2021, Commit To Breaking Away From Your Screens And Apps. Realize That You Can Be More Efficient When Checking In Via Your Devices. Try To Be More Aware Of Algorithms And Various Applications’ Design Elements When Being Manipulated By Algorithms When Using Your Devices. They Are Designed To Make You Feel Addicted To Them; Trust Me, You Aren’t Going To Miss Out On Too Much If You Schedule In Time Away From Your Screens.

Take An Online Course Or Work With An Online Tutor On A New Subject. Many Services Were Able To Thrive During The Pandemic By Offering Educational And Broadening Experiences Via Technology Platforms. Maybe This Is The Year You Learn Japanese By Doing Skype Sessions With A Tutor In Japan? Perhaps Explore A New Degree; There Really Is No Limit As To The Engagements You Can Find Online That Can Enhance Your Skillsets And Quality Of Life.

Don’t Tech And Drive. Put The Phone In The Backseat Or Power It Off When You Are Going To Be Behind The Wheel. Any And All Messages You Miss While Driving Will Be There For You To Respond To When You Get To Your Destination, So Make Sure You Get There And Be Safe. No Message Is More Important Than Your Life Or The Life Of Someone Else.

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