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HEIMDAL PREMIUM COMPLETE NEXT-GEN SECURITY is one of the most advanced cyber-security solutions ON THE PLANET

HEIMDAL SECURITY is a multiple finalist and winner of THE COMPUTING SECURITY AWARDS:

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What the experts are saying….

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HEIMDAL Premium Security Home is a product that’s great for people who want to:

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Protect up to 5 devices for 1 year and start scanning for threats in MINUTES

One time payment with membership


A $139.95 Value!

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A SCAMPROOF Special Offer !!
Protect Up To 5 Devices For 1 Year
And Start Scanning For Threats In MINUTES

One time payment:


A $139.95 Value !

Add Thor Premium Cyber Protection to your SCAMPROOF membership to secure up to FIVE devices with advanced threat detection and safe web browsing.

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