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SCAMPROOF call-center_hacker-1 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


SCAMPROOF was founded by veteran information technology and financial services professionals who worked with large organizations throughout the U.S.

These organizations had well staffed  support teams that immediately responded to cyber security incidents and questions from employees in order to keep them, and the company safe.

As the threat of cyber crimes and scams increased, it became obvious that consumers needed that same level of support and expert guidance to stay safe.

We like to think of SCAMPROOF as the first CSA ……Consumer Security Advisor.

How does SCAMPROOF work?

SCAMPROOF gets between you and threats.  By immediately contacting us when you feel pressured or unsure, you’re breaking the hold of a potential scam and preventing things from escalating.

A dedicated Threat Advisor will analyze your situation and give you  expert recommendations that will prevent you from becoming a victim.

How much does SCAMPROOF cost?

We built SCAMPROOF with two goals, to provide the best (AND FIRST) scam prevention and education platform for consumers, and to keep it as affordable as possible.

Personal, concierge level scam protection starts at just $9.95 per month.

Who can SCAMPROOF help?

SCAMPROOF can help anyone who spends time on the internet, has an email account or a cell phone.

A significant number of our members tend to be in their 40’s and older. This is due to their level of unfamiliarity with emerging technology and a fear of being taken advantage of by threats they might have difficulty recognizing. 

Middle-aged children are also purchasing SCAMPROOF memberships for their parents.  

A  SCAMPROOF membership provides personalized support and advice for these older parents and stops them from making bad decisions. 

SCAMPROOF  provides peace of mind and protects the assets of the entire family from fraud and scams.

Do members actually get REAL TIME, U.S. based help 24/7?

Yes- our member 800 number and live web chat are staffed twenty four hours a day to answer your questions and provide guidance.

What kind of alerts will I receive?

You’ll be alerted to data breaches and new scams.

SCAMPROOF constantly monitors the internet and other sources for data breaches that may affect you. In a  data breach your PII (Personal Identifiable Information) may be exposed.

If you’re a customer of  a company that has experienced a data breach, it’s important to change your account password and begin to closely monitor your credit reports as soon as possible to reduce the effects of potential identity theft.

SCAMPROOF is also tied into a worldwide network of cyber security professionals, technology services providers and leading digital security firms. Through this network, and our own research, we are on the leading edge of identifying new scams, phishing schemes and malware threats and will alert you and provide recommended actions to take.

Where is SCAMPROOF available?

Scamproof is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.